Day After Session Giveaway Winner!!!


I am SO excited to announce the winner of my day after session giveaway! Congrats to Kaytlin M.!!! Email me se we can set up your session! Yay! Also, as a sort of second place – two other couples are winning 50% off a day after session: Elizabeth Allen and Madison Webb! Congrats! Email for more information! :)

Steve + Lauren | Rustic Engagement Session

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Day After Session Giveaway!

I LOVE day after sessions! While the term may be confusing, it is a session for the bride and groom any time after the wedding day (even a few years later if wanted!). Chris and I decided to a day after session after our wedding, and it was such a great decision! On our wedding day, things ran late so we we weren’t able to get very many shots of just the two of us, so a session not only gave me a chance to wear my dress again (and do my hair and makeup a different way!) but give me some of my favorite images ever!

Day after sessions are so great! There are many reasons why I love them! 1. A wedding day can be stressful, tight on time or full of bad weather. A day after session allows the couple to have more images of the two of them without time constraints, and another chance in case it rained or they didn’t get all the images they wanted. 2. On the wedding day a bride always has to be careful of her dress, but during a day after session, there is no need to worry about her dress getting dirty, so there are so many more exciting things that we can do! 3. On the wedding day you are pretty limited as far as locations go, but for a day after session, we can explore and use so many other options!

So because I love day after sessions, and feel that they are so important, I want to do a little giveaway!

I want to give one fully styled day after session to a couple! This will include props, bouquet, etc. I want it to be wonderful! I have some incredible ideas planned! All you need to do is comment below with why you want to win!

The session will take place sometime this summer – based on my schedule and the couple’s schedule.

dayaftergiveaway001 dayaftergiveaway002 dayaftergiveaway003 dayaftergiveaway004 dayaftergiveaway005

Ben + Karen | Charleston Maternity Session

I don’t get to shoot maternity sessions that often, so when I do, I am always excited for such a wonderful opportunity! When I am shooting a maternity session, there is so much joy and excitement there – the anticipation of getting to meet their baby! Ben and Karen were in Charleston last month for their babymoon and it just happened to be the same time that Chris and I were there for a little trip too! I am so excited that they choose me to capture such a wonderful time and I am thrilled that we were able to shoot in Charleston – one of my favorite cities!  Karen is an awesome photographer in Richmond, and I am so glad that we got to work together! Check out this wonderful and gorgeous couple below!  allenmaternity001 allenmaternity002 allenmaternity004 allenmaternity005 allenmaternity006 allenmaternity007 allenmaternity008 allenmaternity009 allenmaternity010 allenmaternity011 allenmaternity012 allenmaternity013 allenmaternity014 allenmaternity015 allenmaternity016 allenmaternity017 allenmaternity018 allenmaternity019 allenmaternity020 allenmaternity021 allenmaternity022 allenmaternity023 allenmaternity024

Wedding Pretties



Food photography is so much fun ! It incorporates photography and cooking – two things I love! I made some homemade guacamole a few days ago – it was yummy!  cranberryguac-1

Shooting Film: Film Basics

I love it when photographers start to explore film. Film is not a dead art, and has so many advantages over digital (digital of course has its uses too – but I am partial to film! Read this for some more thoughts on film)! My hope with this blog post is that if you are thinking of starting your own film journey, then this will encourage and inspire you!

(Disclaimer: I by NO means know everything there is to know about film! This post is just some basic thoughts.) These are just some of the things I wondered about when I first started shooting film!


Basic types of Film Cameras:

1. 35 mm

The smallest format. The camera you used as a little kid (or your parents used when you were a kid) was probably 35mm.

2. Medium format

This is what I primarily use. It is gorgeous. It has a bigger negative than 35mm, therefore resulting in a better quality image.

3. Large format

I haven’t explored large format yet, but hope to in the near future! I already have some plans about it!


What film cameras I shoot with:

1. 35 mm – I have a Canon 1-V. This is a professional 35mm film camera. I love it because I can use all of my L series lenses with it!

2. Medium format – Contax 645. This is my main film camera. I adore this camera. It uses Zeiss glass (the best there is!), so you are getting an unbelievable image!


Film accessories:

1. Light Meter: If you want to be serious about shooting film, then you need a hand held light meter. I use a Sekonic 358.

2. Additional film inserts for my Contax – this means that I can preload rolls so that I don’t waste time while shooting.

Film Stocks:

There are TONS of different film stocks out there. Here are a few I use:

1. Kodak Portra 160 – I only use this color film in really bright situations!

2. Kodak Portra 400 – Great color film for so many uses! I use this film the most often.

3. Kodak Portra 800 – My favorite color film stock! It is so beautiful! Great for when the sun starts to set.

(The three listed above have a bit more pop and vibrance than the Fuji listed below)

4. Fuji 400h – A great color film. More pastel-like than the Porta.

5. Ilford delta 3200 – An awesome grainy black and white film!

I usually shoot with 120 film. This means that there are 16 exposures per roll. You can also get 22o film – this means that there are 32 exposures per roll (120 and 220 are medium format films. I use the same films above for my Canon film camera as well – but 35mm film rolls have 36 exposures).


Labs to send your film to (there are a ton of these as well, but here are some of my favorites!):

1. Richard Photo Lab – This is who I send my film too! They are great!

2. Indie Film Lab

3. PhotoVision

4. Film Box


The Film Process (at the lab):  - Should I order prints or scans? How do I send film to a lab? How does the whole process work?

I am not going to dive into developing film here, but more what it looks like on the photographer’s side who sends film to a lab.

1. Mail out your film – I always overnight mine and get insurance on it. I put all my rolls of film in a plastic ziplock bag (so there won’t be any water damage), then in bubble wrap before it goes into an overnight mailer. I don’t want them to be crushed or damaged in anyway.

2. Most labs will require you to include a film order form. This will have you list the types of film you are sending in (6 rolls of 120, etc.) and what you want done to them. Prints (what size?), scans (what size and on what scanner?), Push or Pull (a whole post could be written on that – but very basically, it tells the lab how long the negatives need to be in the chemicals – I usually process normal). I always get scans (you can have them just process the negatives if you want – or get prints but not scans) and occasionally prints too.

3. After a lot of waiting (every lab’s wait time is different – but it always feels like a long time!), you will receive a link from the lab to download your scans. You can now share on social media, blog or give them to your clients.

4. About a week later your negatives (and prints if you ordered those too) come in from the lab. Store the negatives somewhere safe – you may never know if you will need them in the future!


Scanning at the lab: 

1. There are two different types of scanners you can use: the Frontier and the Nortisu. I always use the Frontier. It mostly is preference, so figure out what you like. Here are two shots below. Both with Fuji 400h. The first one is on the Frontier and the second with the Nortisu (both with my contax). The Frontier takes longer – but I think it is worth the wait. If you are in a hurry, than you can use the Nortisu.

filmpost001 Historic-Mansion-Film-Bridal-Session007


Focusing Your Camera:

When I shoot with my Contax, I always manually focus. I will do half and half with my Canon. With manual focus, you can choose how you want the focus to be – a little softer (like I like!) or on the sharper side. You can also choose what you want in focus (the bride’s hair vs. her flowers, etc.) For example, I love the softness of the images below. This couldn’t be achieved with auto focus though!



I hope this was helpful! If you have questions, let me know, and I will try to answer them all in a Q+A film post!


Shooting Film: Film Vs. Digital

This post is a long time in the making (I got the idea for a post like this from the wonderful Laura Gordon). I love film. I love shooting film. But all the time I run into people who aren’t photographers (and even some who are!) that don’t understand why I shoot film or that film isn’t a dead and lost art. Some people don’t understand why I shoot film or don’t think it is a good choice. I think it is a great choice! Here are some reasons I shoot film, and some examples of film vs. digital below:

1. Color

The colors in film are unbeatable! No matter how much time you spend in front of the computer trying to get your digital images like your film ones, they will never be exactly the same. Film has so much more of a range.

2. Highlights

A lot of times with digital you lose the highlights, but in film, you can overexpose and never lose them! That is hugely important when you are shooting white wedding dresses all the time! I hate seeing a dress (or shoes, or an invitation – take your pick) and you can’t see the details – the highlights are blown out! Film handles light and highlights so well.

3. Feel

Film has a “soul” that digital doesn’t and never will have. There is just something tangible and romantic about film that you can’t get with digital. I love how it feels to shoot film! Also, film is softer and has a more romantic feel to it. That is totally my style! When I shot digital, I could never get my images as soft as I wanted them to be, but when I started shooting film, I found what I was looking for!

4. Time

First, I don’t spend nearly as much time in front of the computer when I shoot film. You don’t have to edit film images! With digital, you have to spend time manipulating every single one – but not with film! I can do other things instead of hunched over the computer all day. Also, it changes my time when I am shooting. It forces me to slow down and get every shot perfect because I pay for each shot with film. Shooting digital is practically free, but film costs about $4 a shot! That is going to make me be very careful! Instead of getting a ton of pretty good images – now I am getting a more selective few, but incredible images.

Test it out for yourself. Below is one film and one digital image side-by-side. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see which is which.


film_vs_digital001 film_vs_digital002 film_vs_digital003 film_vs_digital004 film_vs_digital012 film_vs_digital006 film_vs_digital007 film_vs_digital008 film_vs_digital011 film_vs_digital013 film_vs_digital014


Film images are on the LEFT and digital images are on the RIGHT.

Snow Preparation

Seriously. I love snow! I don’t really like cold weather all that much, but if snow is in the forecast – then I am all about some cold weather! However, in light of a snowy forecast, people in the South begin to panic. As soon as they hear the word “Snow” they go crazy! I made sure to do my Walmart run a couple of days ago before the crazy snow – but last night we had friends who went and had to go 30 minutes down the road to another town because there was nothing left at the other Walmarts! Crazy, right? This video perfectly sums up what people in the South do. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are in for a treat! I laughed so hard, Chris ran into the room because he thought I was crying (amazing husband, right? :) )

Wanted: Intern!

This year, I will again be hiring an intern! I loved being able to have intern last summer (Andrea was awesome!) and I am SO excited to work with another amazing person this year! Here are some reasons I am hiring an intern this year:

1. I love the consistency of working with the same person for all of my weddings. Having a second shooter at each wedding is important to me, and I don’t like having to retrain and relearn with a different person each wedding.

2. I am so excited about the opportunity to share with someone else everything I have learned!

3. I love being able to help others learn, grow and expand their portfolio – and this is perfect for that!


So if that catches your eye, here is what I am looking for:

1. First and foremost, I am looking for potential, not perfection. If you are nervous or unsure, that is ok! Apply anyway! This is a learning and growing experience, you don’t need to know everything yet!

2. Interested in learning more about photography, business and film.

3. Willing to sometimes work weekends and late nights.

4. Experience with photography. (You don’t have to have 25 weddings under your belt, but I also want more than just instagram photos).

5. Owns a DSLR and knows how to shoot in manual mode.

6. Available May – September (perhaps a bit longer depending on availability). Not every weekend, but you will have the opportunity to work with me at 10-15 weddings.

7. Willingness to drink lots of coffee and listen to music on road trips to shoot weddings.

8. Experience with Lightroom and Photoshop preferred, but not required.

9. Good with verbal and written communication.

10. Fun and positive attitude! Willing to go above and beyond and help me and my clients in anyway!

That sounds awesome! Can you tell me more about what I am going to learn and do? 

This internship is definitely designed for someone who wants to learn about wedding photography! This will give you a great understanding and allow you to see a lot about owning a wedding photography business. I will be an open book to you. You are able to ask me any questions that you want. I will share with you everything that I have learned and give you a ton of hands on opportunities. You will be involved in shooting weddings and assisting me on engagement sessions. We will also have “teaching times” during the week where I can share with you all of the behind the scenes of a small business, answer any questions that you have and critique your wedding images.

This sounds awesome, but I don’t live in Lynchburg. Can I still apply? 

Yes! If you live more than a few hours away, that might not work out for us, but if you live in Virginia, we could make it work. We could talk about meeting up for weddings instead of carpooling together. I am definitely open to talking about possibilities!

I am a Liberty student and would like to get college credit, can you make this happen?

I am currently in talks to make this happen! I will let you know for sure on this soon!

Is this a paid position?

Yes! I will pay you physical money per wedding, but you are also receiving wisdom, advice and experience!


TO APPLY: Email me ( with your name and a link to your portfolio. I will send you a short application to fill out and then if I think we could be a good fit, I will set up an interview time!