I am SO excited to announce that I am looking for an intern for the 2015 wedding season!

Here are some reasons I am hiring an intern this year:

1. I love the consistency of working with the same person for all of my weddings. Having a second shooter at each wedding is important to me, and I don’t like having to retrain and relearn with a different person for each wedding. It is helpful for me and for my couples!

2. I am so excited about the opportunity to share with someone else everything I have learned! I LOVE teaching and helping others. I enjoy helping photographers to begin or expand their businesses – and this is perfect for that! It is so much fun for me to see someone develop and grow and help them wherever I can!

What you will get out of this:

1. You will be able to expand your portfolio (yes, I do allow you to use your images that you shoot!)

2. You will gain hands on experience! You will be my second shooter at weddings!

3. You will receive the tools you need to launch or expand your business.

4. You will receive one-on-one, tailored for you teaching times. Perhaps you need help with launching a blog or website, or need advice about marketing and attracting more clients, whatever you want/need to talk about, it can be specific to your needs!

5. A friend! :)


So if that catches your eye, here is what I am looking for:

1. First and foremost, I am looking for potential, not perfection. If you are nervous or unsure, that is ok! Apply anyway! This is a learning and growing experience, you don’t need to know everything yet!

2. Interested in learning more about photography, business and film.

3. Willing to sometimes work weekends and late nights.

4. Experience with photography. (You don’t have to have 25 weddings under your belt, but I also want more than just instagram photos).

5. Owns a DSLR and knows how to shoot in manual mode (also, experience with or interest in film a plus!).

6. Available April – August (perhaps a bit longer depending on availability). Not every weekend, but you will have the opportunity to work with me on weddings, engagements, bridal sessions and even a styled shoot. I would like to start meeting/getting to know each other hopefully in Mid-March (if that doesn’t mesh with your schedule that is ok too – I am just so excited to start our relationship and to get to know you!)

7. Willingness to drink lots of coffee and listen to music on road trips to shoot weddings. I am a talker, so I need someone else who enjoys talking! Nothing is worse than a 5 hour road trip to a wedding with 5 hours of silence!

8. Experience with Lightroom and Photoshop preferred, but not required.

9. Good with verbal and written communication. You need to be able to communicate and be honest with me about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. It will help me help you and give you what you need! It is also important to me that you communicate a professional demeanor when interacting with my clients!

10. Fun and positive attitude! Willing to go above and beyond and help me and my clients in any way!

That sounds awesome! Can you tell me more about what I am going to learn and do? 

This internship is definitely designed for someone who wants to learn about wedding photography! This will give you a great understanding and allow you to see a lot about owning a wedding photography business. I will be an open book to you. You are able to ask me any questions that you want. I will share with you everything that I have learned and give you a ton of hands on opportunities. You will be involved in shooting weddings and assisting me on engagement sessions. We will also have “teaching times” during the week where I can share with you all of the behind the scenes of a small business, answer any questions that you have and critique your wedding images. If you are only interested in other types of photography (children, birth, families, etc.), this might not be the best fit for you because I don’t shoot a lot of that, and I can’t give you advice on how to structure a whole business around that.

This sounds amazing, but I don’t live in Lynchburg. Can I still apply? 

Yes! If you live more than a few hours away, that might not work out for us, but if you live in Virginia, we could make it work. We could talk about meeting up for weddings instead of carpooling together. I am definitely open to talking about possibilities!


TO APPLY: Email me (jessica@jessicamaephoto.com) with a link to your portfolio! I will respond with a short application for you to fill out, if I think we are a good fit, I will set up an interview with you! 



  • So fun!! Whoever gets to do this will learn a ton I’m sure!!ReplyCancel

  • Wishing I wasn’t so far from you! Annapolis is almost four hours away…good luck finding someone though! This looks like a great opportunity :-)ReplyCancel

  • Dear Jessica,

    I WISH I could apply for this!! But I don’t even live close to the US…
    Currently I’m living in West Africa and from the 1st of June I will be living in Europe for 6 months (but would be completely available!). I would absolutely love to shoot weddings with you, learn from you, and sing terribly out of key on road trips while eating heaps of delicious food and reminiscing about India!
    If I would have the money at the moment, I would book a ticket to Virginia… I really love your style, it’s honest and beautiful, and I am very interested in learning more about film.
    I think we would get along very well… :)

    But oh well… just wanted to say: it’s such a shame!

    Sending lots of love your way anyway,