Tanner + Kayla |Lynchburg Rustic Engagement

Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement001 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement002 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement003 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement004 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement005 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement006 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement007 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement008 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement009 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement010 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement011 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement012 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement013 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement014 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement015 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement016 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement017 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement018 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement019 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement020 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement021 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement022 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement023 Lynchburg_Rustic_Engagement024

Jesse + Jensen | Georgia Vineyard Wedding

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Launch Day!

Launch Day is here! Ah! After months of planning and hard work, I am ecstatic to be able to release my new brand today! This has been in the works since June, and I had such a hard time not giving previews and sneak peeks along the way!

1. Thank you to my designer Lauren from This Sweet Season!

2. Thank you to everyone who listened to me talk about all of my ideas and for your input and insight (especially Chris and Andrea :) )

3. I just can’t contain how excited I am and so in honor of today I want to give away three gift cards!  1.  J. Crew ($25), 2. Anthropologie ($50) and the 3. Melting Pot ($50). Keep reading for info on how to enter the contest!!!


Sorry for all of the numerals today…. but here are the steps to enter!

1. Check out the NEW website!

2. Leave a comment below here on the blog!

3. Tweet or post on Facebook about the launching of my new brand! Be sure to use the hashtag #jessicamaelaunchday in order for your submission to count!

That’s it! :)

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Alex + Kate | Lynchburg Engagement Session

Casey + Megan | Staunton Wedding Photography