Wedding Pretties


Matt + Jenny | Roanoke Fall Wedding

Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding001 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding002 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding003 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding004 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding005 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding006 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding007 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding008 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding027 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding028 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding029 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding030 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding032 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding031 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding009 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding010 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding011 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding012 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding013 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding014 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding015 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding016 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding017 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding018 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding019 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding020 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding021 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding022 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding023 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding024 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding025 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding026 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding033 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding034 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding035 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding036 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding037 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding038 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding039 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding040 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding041 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding042 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding043 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding044 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding045 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding046 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding047 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding048 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding049 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding050 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding051 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding052 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding053 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding054 Roanoke_Church_Fall_Wedding055

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Jesse + Jensen | Georgia Vineyard Wedding

Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding008 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding010 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding006 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding009 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding002 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding003 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding011 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding012 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding013 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding015 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding016 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding017 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding018 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding019 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding021 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding020 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding022 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding023 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding024 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding025 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding026 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding027 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding028 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding029 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding030 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding031 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding032 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding033 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding034 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding038 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding035 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding036 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding037 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding040 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding041 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding042 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding043 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding044 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding045 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding046 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding047 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding049 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding048 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding050 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding051 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding052 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding053 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding054 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding055 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding056 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding057 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding058 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding059 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding060 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding062 Georgia_Vineyard_Wedding063

Casey + Megan | Staunton Wedding Photography

Jon + Karissa | Congress Hall | Cape May New Jersey

I am SO SO excited to show off Jon and Karissa’s wedding day! Their amazing wedding in Cape May, NJ was a dream! The weather was perfect, the location was glorious (a historic hotel right on the beach??) and their friends and family were wonderful. I had been looking forward to their wedding day all season long, and it was no disappointment! Jon and Karissa are seriously some of the most incredible people to work with, and I have loved getting to know them better and to have been there on one of the happiest days of their life! Enjoy some of my favorites below! (There was too many to fit into one post!)


Venue: Congress Hall, Cape May, NJ

Dress: Enzoani, @ Wedding Belles, Northfield, NJ

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew

Tuxes: Ralph Lauren, Macy’s

Ceremony Music: Jimmy Maher

Reception Band: Hawkin’s Road

Cake: Congress Hall

Flowers: Pocket Full of Posies

Coordinator: Colleen O’Sullivan

Videographer: Steve Turner

Brady + Amanda | Tennessee Southern Mansion Wedding | Allendale Mansion

My family and Amanda’s family have been close friends since I was in high school. I was thrilled to be a part of her and Brady’s day because not only to bless them with pictures, but to also to just be able to be a part of the day and witness them tying the knot! Brady and Amanda got married at an old southern mansion in Tennessee. It was absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! One of my favorite parts about Brady and Amanda’s wedding was that it was super laid back and low key. They just wanted to enjoy the day and spend time with friends and family who traveled far to be there. I loved that it was so relaxed – it made my job easy! Enjoy some of my favorites below from this awesome day!

Amanda had a gorgeous blush dress from Anthropologie! I have been dying to shoot a blush dress all year and it was so Amanda!

Absolutely stunning! I adore the red lipstick!

I loved the mismatched bridesmaid dresses! 

First Look time!

I love love love this image! You guys rocked it!!!

I love this shot of Amanda and her dad!


Venue: Allendale Mansion, Kingsport, Tennessee

Dress: Anthropologie

Hair: Georgiana Rogers

Bridesmaids Dresses: ShopRuche and Charlie Loves Lola

Flowers: Karen Witcher

Cake: Katherine Hayton

Guys: Duluth Trading Company

Matt + Megan | Waynesboro Historic Mansion Wedding

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to do an engagement session for Matt and Megan because they are awesome! Sometimes with the craziness of wedding planning, all three of us can’t end up in the same place at the right time! I love doing engagement sessions because it gives a chance to get to know each other and work together before the wedding day, so that when the day comes, you are pro at being in front of the camera! Matt and Megan though are some of the most photogenic people I have ever worked with, so even without an engagement session, they totally rocked the portraits on their wedding day! Megan has the most amazing laugh, so I felt like every picture she was in was a keeper! One of my favorite parts about a wedding day, is hearing what other people have to say about the couple. I love to try to get to know my couples as much as I can during the process (and am so excited when we become friends!) but I have no where near the history that their friends and family have with them! So when I hear guests at the wedding talk about how amazing and wonderful the bride and groom are, it warms my heart! Matt and Megan were no exception! Everyone went on and on about how amazing they are as individuals and as a couple. It makes me feel so privileged that I was there to be a part of their day in such a special way! Enjoy a few of my many favorites below! :)

Scott + Chelsea | Roanoke Rustic Wedding | Boxtree Lodge

Scott and Chelsea are an amazing couple! I know this – not just because of the interaction I have had with them – but because everyone who mentions them talks about how incredible they are! They were surrounded by awesome friends and family on a rainy, but still great, wedding day! Chelsea is also a wedding photographer, and I love shooting other photographers weddings, because they can anticipate what I might need! Chelsea and Scott were no exception! I have shot a lot of weddings within the same group of friends this year, so I have seen Scott and Chelsea at several other weddings this summer, and I was so excited when it was finally their turn! I loved their day, and I loved being a part of their day! Enjoy a few of my favorites below! (My blogging software was a little wonkers – is that even a word? – this morning, so I wasn’t able to share quite as many favorites as I wanted to – but there are still some great ones below!)

First Looks are THE BEST! Love this shot from theirs!

Even though it was raining, they totally rocked the “sunset shots” portion of the day (yes, I know there was no actual sunset, but it was still sunset time!) This one below is seriously one of my new favorites! I just love everything about it!

Chelsea was so brave to go barefoot in the wet grass, but I think this image was totally worth it, don’t you?

Ryan + Laura | Fredricksburg Downtown + Train Station Wedding

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is getting to meet the families of the bride and groom! After spending time getting to know the couple, its great to have a chance to meet the people who are such a big influence in their lives. Ryan and Laura’s wedding day started out with pouring rain, but by the end of the day, the sun came out and it was gorgeous! Because of the rain, we had to change up our shooting location for all of the portraits before the ceremony. I was glad that it happened though, because I LOVE how everything turned out! Ryan and Laura are so much fun and their reception was packed full of dancing, friends and family. I am so excited to have been a part of such an awesome day! Enjoy some of my favorites below!

These are some of my favorite bridal portraits ever! So glad we shot these at the train station!

Sunset shots are one of my favorites parts of the day! Just because of the nature of a wedding day, most of the portraits are never at the best time of day, so sunset shots is the perfect solution! You are able to get more images and have them at the time of day when the lighting is the best! And of course I had to shoot these on film! :)

Love this one!

One of my new favorites!!!

Tim + Brittannie | Downtown Lynchburg Wedding

I don’t have favorite weddings. Every wedding day is different, every couple is unique, everyone has a great story. You can’t compare one wedding day to another because each one has special memories and moments that are different than any other! I do have favorites in the sense of how the pictures turn out and how proud I am of my work. Some days have great lighting and the most perfect location, and it makes it easy to capture what I am envisioning! This is one of those weddings. When I shot Tim + Brittannie‘s engagement session, I shot a couple of rolls of film, and Brittannie told me that those were her favorite images and that she wanted a lot of film at their wedding! That made me so happy! I was so excited that Tim and Brittannie love the look of film and understood the benefits and greatness of it! When I started shooting film in January, I wasn’t sure how the journey would go, if I would like it, if clients would like it, if I would be able to make it look like I was hoping. Tim and Brittannie’s images are all that I was hoping would happen when I started shooting film. I am over the moon with how gorgeous they turned out! They seriously make me never want to shoot digital again!

Tim and Brittannie are one of the most amazing and wonderful couples that I have gotten to work with! I was so excited and looking forward to their day! They are so wonderful together, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of seeing the two of them start their lives together! They had their ceremony and reception at the beautiful City View by the James in downtown Lynchburg. The day was gorgeous on a rooftop overlooking historic downtown and ended with a paper lantern exit!

Enjoy some of my favorites below!




Venue: City View by the James

Florals: Bloom by Doyle’s

Cake: Geri Damiani

Catering: Repast Catering

Dress: David’s Bridal

Shoes: J. Crew

Bridesmaids Dresses: Etsy

Groomsmen’s Suits: JC Penney

Hair: Sylvain Melloul International Hair Academy