Day After Session Giveaway!

I LOVE day after sessions! While the term may be confusing, it is a session for the bride and groom any time after the wedding day (even a few years later if wanted!). Chris and I decided to a day after session after our wedding, and it was such a great decision! On our wedding day, things ran late so we we weren’t able to get very many shots of just the two of us, so a session not only gave me a chance to wear my dress again (and do my hair and makeup a different way!) but give me some of my favorite images ever!

Day after sessions are so great! There are many reasons why I love them! 1. A wedding day can be stressful, tight on time or full of bad weather. A day after session allows the couple to have more images of the two of them without time constraints, and another chance in case it rained or they didn’t get all the images they wanted. 2. On the wedding day a bride always has to be careful of her dress, but during a day after session, there is no need to worry about her dress getting dirty, so there are so many more exciting things that we can do! 3. On the wedding day you are pretty limited as far as locations go, but for a day after session, we can explore and use so many other options!

So because I love day after sessions, and feel that they are so important, I want to do a little giveaway!

I want to give one fully styled day after session to a couple! This will include props, bouquet, etc. I want it to be wonderful! I have some incredible ideas planned! All you need to do is comment below with why you want to win!

The session will take place sometime this summer – based on my schedule and the couple’s schedule.

dayaftergiveaway001 dayaftergiveaway002 dayaftergiveaway003 dayaftergiveaway004 dayaftergiveaway005

Snow Preparation

Seriously. I love snow! I don’t really like cold weather all that much, but if snow is in the forecast – then I am all about some cold weather! However, in light of a snowy forecast, people in the South begin to panic. As soon as they hear the word “Snow” they go crazy! I made sure to do my Walmart run a couple of days ago before the crazy snow – but last night we had friends who went and had to go 30 minutes down the road to another town because there was nothing left at the other Walmarts! Crazy, right? This video perfectly sums up what people in the South do. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are in for a treat! I laughed so hard, Chris ran into the room because he thought I was crying (amazing husband, right? :) )

My favorite restaurants and a giveaway!

Maybe this is a totally weird post, but I love food and I love eating out! I also may have something to do with the fact that I am writing this post right around lunch time – but hey, don’t judge!

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely LOVE cooking and coming up with new and fun recipes, but eating out is fun! Its nice to have a break, and its nice to go out! I also love it when Chris and I get to go out somewhere special on a nice date! :)

Here are some my favorite restaurants, in no particular order!

1. Chick-Fil-A – uh yes please! I crave the spicy chicken sandwich about once a week, making this chicken staple a must!

2. Red Robin – the burgers are awesome! I love all the variety the offer, but let me tell you, the fries are where its at! Bottomless? Do you even have to ask?

3. Olive Garden – I could seriously have Olive Garden for lunch everyday, and never get tired of it! The chicken gnocchi soup is where it is at!

4. Local restaurants – Whenever I am traveling out of the area, I always use trip advisor to find an awesome local place! Chains are great too, but there is just something about a local place that no chain can ever live up to!

5. The Melting Pot – This is reserved for only special occasions seeing as how it costs Chris and I over $100 for just the two of us, but where can you go wrong with cheese, chocolate and cooking your own meat?


What is YOUR favorite restaurant? Do we share some of the same favorites? Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite restaurant is, and you could win a $25 gift card to your favorite place! It could be for date night, or a just because! :)

Williamsburg on Film

My family and I took a little trip to Williamsburg over 4 of July weekend. I decided to bring along my Contax and grab a few shots while we walked the city! A few prints are even hanging in my living room now! Enjoy some of my favorites!


I grabbed a random passerby to grab a shot of us! I think she was afraid at first to use a film camera and I had to explain how to manually focus, but I think she did pretty good!

Happy Birthday to Chris!

Today my amazing and handsome husband turns 28! I am so thrilled that I have been able to share the last 4 years with him! He is the kindest, most thoughtful, most giving person I know! I admire and look up to him so much! I am blessed beyond belief that I get to be his wife!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, babe, and I am so thankful that I get to spend it with you! Here is to many more birthdays together!

Thanks to the awesome Lauryn Galloway for this image! :)


In The Works | Coming Soon!

I have had the busiest month my business has have seen these past few weeks! I shot 10 weddings in the space of four weeks. Yes you read that right. TEN. I am doing my best to stay on top of everything and edit efficiently, but with the large amount of the things that need to go on the blog, and with the addition of film into my collections, my workflow has had to change. I have so many things that I am currently working on, and SO excited to share, so I just wanted to give a little sneak peek of some of the things that are in progress!


Things I love

I enjoy sharing things that I am currently liking! I am one of those people who doesn’t have a favorite color or movie. I just like a lot of things – I can never choose my favorite! So I like sharing my current favorite things ever now and again! :) This is what I am currently loving -


1. Boyce Avenue covers – mmmm…. I love me some Boyce Avenue and they had done some really great covers recently! Is it bad that I think I like their covers more than the original songs?


2. Cliff Bars – Andrea introduced these to me! I have seen them around at the store before, but never wanted to buy one, until see shared a piece with me one wedding day. Let me tell you, its the perfect snack to bring along when shooting!


3. Yellow dresses – I recently bought a couple of yellow dresses (I guess I wasn’t thinking about variety) but I feel like yellow is the perfect summer color! I have worn both of them to weddings in the last couple of weeks and I love them!



4. Gilmore Girls – I love Gilmore Girls! I have all 7 seasons. I recently started watching from season one again. Its the perfect thing to have on in the background while I work and edit!


Those are some of my current favorite things! Do you have any current faves?

Life Lately

This post could also be called, “Why I am a horrible blogger this week.”

Life has been crazy! Chris and I just moved into our new apartment yesterday! Finally! I have been so excited about this for months! Our old apartment was small and old, so I have been so excited to move to a newer place that has more bedrooms and bathrooms! (yes, plural, that is how small our other place was!) We finished moving everything in yesterday, but it was so much work. I feel like every spare moment was spent packing and cleaning, so I haven’t even had time to do emails, blog or anything! (Don’t worry, I am already on my way to catching up!)

During this craziness, we were able to go out to dinner on Monday night to celebrate our two year anniversary! What? How has been two years already?! For you all of you lovely and engaged brides, it is SO hard waiting for the wedding day, but once it happens, life moves so fast! Be sure to enjoy every little moment! :)

This weekend, I am out of town shooting three out of town weddings. Yes, three. I may be crazy, but I am so excited for an awesome, full weekend! I can’t wait to celebrate with three incredible couples! Be sure to check out facebook and twitter for some sneak peekys (yes, I just made up a word… don’t judge).

Oh, and just because I was thinking of it… I got bangs this week. Full on bangs – not the little fluffy siders. I am not sure if I like them yet or not.

And because EVERY blog post HAS to have a picture, here is one of Chris and I at our anniversary dinner on Monday! We went to the same restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner! (This was before the bangs…)


Things I Love

My blog posts have been sporadic this week. For whatever reason, I have been SO tired this week! I have had trouble falling asleep at night (or a couple of times, fallen asleep before the light was even off!) and then trouble waking up in the morning! Usually I blog the night before, but I have been so tired! Then I have tried to blog in the morning, but I have been too tired to get up in time! I hope I am not getting sick! :( Now that you know all about my sleeping habits (which I am sure you were dying to know), I will share some of my current favs right now!!!


1. Crochet Toms. I LOVE Toms! I got my first pair about 6 years ago (before everyone had a pair), so I have always felt kinda cool about that (judge me how you want). And, I have loved them since! I love how they look and feel (SO comfy), and I love that  I am also helping a kid in another country! Sounds like a win-win to me! Last summer, I wore sparkle Toms to all my weddings, but this year I got these! I am so excited about them! I want to look nice when I am shooting, but it is also important to be comfy! When you are standing for 8+ hours, you need good shoes! These are the perfect solution!

2. Caramel Chais. I am one of those obnoxious people who walk into Starbucks and order a really long drink with lots of particulars. Chris doesn’t understand why I do it! But, I like my drink a certain way! If I am going to pay $5 for it, then I want it to be perfect! So my current drink obsession is: a grande, non-fat, no water, extra hot chai with caramel drizzle. Sounds crazy, but trust me, its incredible! I have been wanting one everyday, but I know that that much caramel can’t be good for anybody, so I am trying to limit myself, but its so hard! You should try it out, its amazing!!!

3. Psych. If you have never heard of or watched Psych, you are missing out! Chris and I love this show and watch it every Wednesday! Go on Netflix and watch it now if you haven’t! Its hilarious!

4. My crockpot. I have always loved my crockpot, but its perfect for busy season! If I am shooting an evening engagement or a wedding that day, then I can put something in here for Chris before I go, and he can still have dinner! :) It makes me feel like a good wife! :)  5. Bangs. Last time I got my hair cut, I got some side bangs, but halfheartedly wanted full bangs. I have decided that next time I go to get my hair cut, I am getting bangs! Until then, I have pictures to look at to make sure I know exactly what I want! But I love these below! 

My recent Starbucks obsession

Ok, so you are probably reading this title and thinking, “Wait, Jessica, haven’t you already told us how much you like Starbucks? You aren’t just discovering its amazing goodness for the first time are you?”

My answer to the first is: “Yes, but it is so amazing so you can never talk about it too much.” And to the second, “Oh no, but I do have something new to share about it!”

So, I am sorry to say that I go to Starbucks waaaay too much. Chris and my bank account will both confirm that truth. I am sure that you have many friends who are Starbucks gold card members. I am sure you are thinking, “Oh you go to Starbucks all the time, so you probably became one years ago.” Sadly, that is not true. I was always lazy and never registered any of my gift cards or refilled them or did any of the things you need to do in order to become a gold card member (except for go a ton of times). I bet that a lot of you are like me. You have been to Starbucks a thousand times, but haven’t used a registered gift card. Its the same old story. Someone buys you a gift card for your birthday, or a thank you or just because you are amazing. You go to Starbucks for free a couple of times, and then when it runs out you throw it away. After you throw it out you think, “Uh, I should have registered it!” But you never did and the cycle starts over.

That is exactly where I was a couple of weeks ago until I discovered the Starbucks app. Yes, the app. You are able to buy, register and reload an electronic card. You are able to see how many stars you have earned, order drinks and can pay with only using your cell phone! You don’t have to keep track of your gift card or reload it when you go in the store. You can do it all from your phone.

Now, this has made me go to Starbucks even more than before. Not a good thing. But now I am close to becoming a cold card member. A great thing. In just a few weeks. Not a good thing (think money and bank account here).

Starbucks has made it so easy to buy and gives you an incentive to buy! I think they have done a great job of using technology and making it easier than ever to buy their amazing coffee at an outrageous price. Maybe they have done their job a bit too well….