Tanner + Kayla |Lynchburg Rustic Engagement

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Engaged: Josh + Brittany | Downtown Richmond Engagement Session

Engaged: Jordan + Carla | Lynchburg Engagement Session

Engaged: Josh + Jessie | Charlottesville Engagement Session

Alex + Kate | Lynchburg Engagement Session

Engaged: Ethan + Laura | Harrisonburg Engagement Session

Casey + Megan | Downtown Lynchburg Film Engagement Session

Casey and Megan are an adorable couple! They laugh and have so much fun together! They are such sweet and joyful people! I am so excited about their wedding next month! We decided to shoot their session in downtown Lynchburg, because it was a big part of their relationship. We started at the Farmer’s Market, where they would go every Saturday, and we finished up at bench where Casey proposed and where they first said, “I love you.” I love it when we involve locations that are special and have significance as part of the engagement session! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

My favorite from the whole session!

Michael + Andrea | Virginia Rustic Engagement

Michael and Andrea are getting married TOMORROW! I am beyond excited to shoot their day! We did a last minute engagement session – trying to coordinate three busy peoples schedules proved to be a bit of a challenge – but we really wanted to be able to have the chance to shoot an engagement session before the wedding day! Shooting an engagement session before the wedding day, is such a great idea! It allows you to feel comfortable in front of the camera by the time your wedding day comes because you already had a chance to practice! Andrea and Michael are an amazing couple and their wedding day is going to be full of so many special moments and traditions – I can’t wait to share about all of those in the near future! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!


Contax 645

Kodak Porta 400 and 800

Richard Photo Lab

Engaged: Tim + Brittannie | Spring Rustic Engagement Session

I love this session and can’t wait to show it off! Tim and Brittannie are fantastic! They are so sweet and and wonderful! I love couples who love pictures and make them a priority! And Tim and Brittannie are one of those couples, so that makes my job easy!  They are also completely in love! They smile and laugh together and I get to capture it! I love my job and I feel so privileged to be a part of such special times in a couple’s life! Thank you two for choosing me to be a part of your day and this exciting time! I am so thrilled that I get to work with you two! You guys are awesome! Can’t wait for August!

You guys are too cute!

Gorgeous, Brittannie!

I love the one on the right! 

Love this one so much!

Definitely a new favorite!!

I love the buttercups! It was perfect! 

Perfection! Gorgeous ring! So beautiful!

One of my absolute favorites!

Ah! Amazing! 

The cars were going really fast on this road, but they were totally willing to sit right in the middle for me!