Day After Session Giveaway!

I LOVE day after sessions! While the term may be confusing, it is a session for the bride and groom any time after the wedding day (even a few years later if wanted!). Chris and I decided to a day after session after our wedding, and it was such a great decision! On our wedding day, things ran late so we we weren’t able to get very many shots of just the two of us, so a session not only gave me a chance to wear my dress again (and do my hair and makeup a different way!) but give me some of my favorite images ever!

Day after sessions are so great! There are many reasons why I love them! 1. A wedding day can be stressful, tight on time or full of bad weather. A day after session allows the couple to have more images of the two of them without time constraints, and another chance in case it rained or they didn’t get all the images they wanted. 2. On the wedding day a bride always has to be careful of her dress, but during a day after session, there is no need to worry about her dress getting dirty, so there are so many more exciting things that we can do! 3. On the wedding day you are pretty limited as far as locations go, but for a day after session, we can explore and use so many other options!

So because I love day after sessions, and feel that they are so important, I want to do a little giveaway!

I want to give one fully styled day after session to a couple! This will include props, bouquet, etc. I want it to be wonderful! I have some incredible ideas planned! All you need to do is comment below with why you want to win!

The session will take place sometime this summer – based on my schedule and the couple’s schedule.

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Joe + Kelsi | A Rustic Lynchburg Day After Session


Benjamin + Bethany | Lynchburg Day After Session

I LOVE Day After sessions! What is a Day After session you might ask? Is it really the day after the wedding? Well, let me just fill you in, and tell you why I love them so much! A Day After session can be anytime after your wedding! A week, a year, or even 10 years! It is just an opportunity to put your wedding clothes on and have time for more portraits! On a wedding day, it can be hard to get ALL of the portraits that you want, depending on time, location or even time of day (you want sunset pictures — but are getting married at 1pm). So this is just an opportunity to feel like a bride again, get a ton of portraits and plan out exactly what you want for location and time of day! It is always wonderful because there is no rush. You can spend as much time in a relaxed setting without having to worry about staying on the wedding day schedule!

Bethany + Benjamin had been wanting to do a Day After session for a while, and Benjamin gave her this session as their one year anniversary gift! I was SO excited to be able to do this for them! I had the chance to do their engagement session, so I was so excited to be able to do this for them as well! They are so sweet and cute together and I loved being able to shoot their portraits right as the sun was setting! I love this session, and I hope you do too! :)

First Look Redo!

Love those cowboys boots!

LOVE this one!

Amazing! This is a new favorite!

Ah!!! This one is amazing!

Love this!!!

Isn’t the lighting incredible? I love shooting in the evening!

Day After: Jeremy + Lindsey | South Carolina Portrait Photographer

Jeremy and Lindsey are special to me, because Jeremy is my brother! You may remember their engagement session, if not you can view it here! They just got married in June and wanted to be able to have a few more pictures of the two of them! I shoot these last time I was home in SC, and we all had busy weekends, so they only time we had available was Sunday morning at 7am! Yikes! I am not a morning person! It was super foggy that morning too, but we made it work! Enjoy my favorites!

Sneak Peek: Jeremy + Lindsey