Emily | Ridgeway, SC

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Lauren | Lavender Field Bridal Film Session

I had the chance to shoot Lauren’s bridals a couple of months ago! The only downfall of shooting bridal sessions is that I can’t post any of the images for a long time! But there are so many other great advantages, that the wait is worth it! On the wedding day, I always set aside time to take pictures of just the bride, but we never have time for a full session, because we are on a time crunch. But with a bridal session, we can take as much time as we want to shoot! We can go to multiple locations (instead of being restricted to the wedding day venue) and it gives the bride a chance to wear her dress more than once! Also, if the bride is unsure of wedding day makeup or hair, she can use this time to try it out!

I shot Lauren’s bridals at an amazing lavender farm! There were so many great spots! I shot them all on film, and I love how they turned out! I am so glad that I can finally show them off! :)

I saved the best for last! This one is my ABSOLUTE favorite! In fact, it is a new favorite in general! :) (I have lots of favorites, I know :) )

Bridals: Jenna

I LOVE shooting bridal sessions! Not only because I love shooting brides, but on the wedding day you don’t have time to do a whole 1.5 hour session with the bride! Another great thing about doing a bridal session is that it gives the bride another opportunity to wear her dress! Instead of only getting to wear it once and spending $$$ on it, you now get to wear it twice and get even more pictures of you as a bride! Bridal sessions are awesome because you can have your choice of locations as well. On the wedding day you are limited to your venue or wear you are getting ready at, but with a bridal session you can choose anywhere! I had the privilege of shooting Jenna‘s bridals a month before her wedding day. I loved that I got to spend a little bit of extra time with her, and we were able to get so many awesome shots of her! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

Absolutely love this one! Definitely a favorite!

Another favorite!


Stephanie | Lynchburg Historic Mansion Bridal Session

I am so excited to share this session with you today! If you have have been following my new journey about film, then you know that this is an exciting post! I wanted another opportunity to shoot some more film (but I don’t want to practice on a paying client!), so Stephanie was gracious enough to let me shoot her! She drove all the way down from NoVA a couple of weeks ago! Thanks girl for making that huge effort!

Let me just tell you. I am loving film! I still have a ton to learn, but I am really enjoying this new experience! Film is so different than shooting digital, but I LOVE it! It forces you to slow down and think about EVERY shot that you are shooting! Since it costs for every single shot that take, you have to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want!

While I am still not where I want to be yet, I want to keep practicing and shooting with it, until I get there! I already have a few planned opportunities where I will be able to shoot more!

Here are a few of my scans from my session with Stephanie! We went to my favorite Lynchburg location and I even made a cake and bouquet for us! If you read my post about my goals for the year, than you know that crafts are NOT my thing at all! I was pretty proud of my efforts! Can this session count as on of my crafts for the year? :)

Chelsey | Bridals

Yesterday I blogged Chelsey + Sean’s beautiful wedding! About a month before their wedding day, I had the opportunity to do a bridal session with Chelsey! I LOVE doing bridal sessions! You only have one day and one chance to wear your dress, but when you decide to do a bridal session, it gives you another chance to wear your dress! Also, on the wedding day, you don’t have time to do a one hour session just of you, but you get that when you do a bridal session! Again, I always think that you can NEVER have too many pictures, so why wouldn’t you want another chance to look beautiful? :) Well, when I did Chelsey’s session, she looked gorgeous! Just check out my favs below! :)

I absolutely LOVE these!