Calvin + Tiffany | A Rustic Mountaintop Wedding

I am BEYOND excited to show you this beautiful wedding! Calvin and Tiffany are an amazing couple and I was so blessed to be a part of their day! Tiffany and I had many conversations about all of the amazing details that they would be having, so I know before I even showed up, that I would be up to my ears in amazing details. Let me tell you, everything was incredible! The reception looked wonderful, the locations were amazing, and everything just looked picture perfect. Tiffany is also a photographer, so she knew exactly what I needed! I had plenty of time for everything, and everything was organized so well! Tiffany and Calvin’s day was beyond incredible! They are both so sweet and amazing, and I just felt like we were old friends from way back when! I am so blessed that I could asked to be a part of their day! Thank you both so much! I also want to give a shout out to my great second shooter, Jessica (yes we have the same name!), she was wonderful, and a couple of her pictures are throughout! I hope you enjoy my favorites below!

The guys were awesome! They wanted to do “manly” pictures with their guns and cigars! I loved it so much!

The cabin where the girls got ready was built in the 1700′s! It was the perfect place for detail shots!

The bridemaids dresses were beautiful!

This was right when she looked in the mirror! So excited to get married! Love it!

Tiffany, I love your smile so much!

Love it!

Love this shot!

Loved her bouquet! It was gorgeous!

Love the emotion in these next few shots!

Absolutely love these!

The ceremony was literally on a mountain top! It was gorgeous!

Yay! Married!

Love this one!

Ok, be prepared to see all of the amazing details! They are gorgeous!

So fun! Love it!

Benjamin + Bethany | Lynchburg Day After Session

I LOVE Day After sessions! What is a Day After session you might ask? Is it really the day after the wedding? Well, let me just fill you in, and tell you why I love them so much! A Day After session can be anytime after your wedding! A week, a year, or even 10 years! It is just an opportunity to put your wedding clothes on and have time for more portraits! On a wedding day, it can be hard to get ALL of the portraits that you want, depending on time, location or even time of day (you want sunset pictures — but are getting married at 1pm). So this is just an opportunity to feel like a bride again, get a ton of portraits and plan out exactly what you want for location and time of day! It is always wonderful because there is no rush. You can spend as much time in a relaxed setting without having to worry about staying on the wedding day schedule!

Bethany + Benjamin had been wanting to do a Day After session for a while, and Benjamin gave her this session as their one year anniversary gift! I was SO excited to be able to do this for them! I had the chance to do their engagement session, so I was so excited to be able to do this for them as well! They are so sweet and cute together and I loved being able to shoot their portraits right as the sun was setting! I love this session, and I hope you do too! :)

First Look Redo!

Love those cowboys boots!

LOVE this one!

Amazing! This is a new favorite!

Ah!!! This one is amazing!

Love this!!!

Isn’t the lighting incredible? I love shooting in the evening!

Eric + Emily | A Fall Richmond Wedding

I first met Emily a few years ago. We were both counselors at the same summer camp! I never had a chance to meet Eric until a few weeks before I did their engagement session, but I knew right away that he and Emily were perfect for each other! He can make her laugh at any moment, and she adores him. They are an amazing couple, and I loved spending such an important day with them! Emily and Eric also had an incredible bridal party — everyone was so helpful, sweet and fun! Emily and Eric, I loved being able to be a part of your wedding day! Thank you so much for choosing me to share it with you! :) Enjoy my favorites below!

I loved her dress! It was beautiful!

Having nice hangers is SO important! You don’t want your gorgeous dress hanging on a cheap plastic hanger!

Loved the gorgeous flowers!

I absolutely LOVE this shot!

So excited!

I love First Looks!

Ah! Love this shot!

This courtyard was amazing!


I love the best man’s face!

We planned some time for sunset shots! I love that we were able to get these! The lighting was gorgeous!

I love this one!

This is one of my ALL time favorite bridal portraits!

Gorgeous, Emily!

So fun!

Just had to post this! I love Eric’s face!



Dress: David’s Bridal, Oleg Cassini

Flowers: Flowers by Mona Ray

Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew

Hair + Makeup:

Men’s Suits: JoS. A. Banks

Cake: The Buttercream Bee

DJ: David Gonzalez

Church: River Road Church, Richmond, VA

Reception Venue: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, VA


Shawn + Addie | Covington Wedding Photographer

Shawn and Addie are such a sweet couple! I was so privileged to be able to be a part of their day! When I first talked to Addie on the phone, she told me that their wedding was going to be held at a renovated train depot in their town. I knew that it was going to be beautiful! Throughout our time that we worked together, Addie would send me sweet cards in the mail. They were pink and sparkly, completely fitting her personality! You will notice her pink shoes below! :) I love couples who are deeply in love, and Shawn and Addie were no exception! The whole day was special, heartfelt and full of emotion! Shawn and Addie, thank you for choosing me to be part of a such a special day! Enjoy my favorites below!

Loved her dress! SO gorgeous!

Love this one! She was so excited to get into her dress!

First Looks are the BEST!

Love her pink shoes!

This covered bridge was the PERFECT place to shoot!

This one is a new favorite!

These haybales where perfect!


They gave me so much time for portraits! It was amazing! Absolutely loved this old theater!

The train was there at the perfect time! Love these next few!

Engaged: Tyler + Erica

Let me introduce you to Tyler and Erica! A super sweet and fun couple! Erica and I sat down a few months ago to talk about their wedding plans and photography details. As soon as I met her, I knew that she would be amazing to work with! Tyler and Erica have been together for 5 years and are tying the knot this May in NJ! They are so in love with each, they made my job so easy! Even though it looked like it was about to pour (this has been a theme with some of my recent sessions, have you noticed?), they didn’t even care and had so much fun together! They are both so great and I can’t until their wedding in May! 

See? I told you they made my job easy!

This one is a new favorite! I love it!

Ah love this!

Thank you all for such a fun morning! I am so excited that we are working together! You both are amazing! :)

Engaged: Michael + Chelsea

I was so excited to meet Michael and Chelsea in person! Chelsea and I sent a ton of emails back and forth, but had never gotten a chance to meet until their session! I had to get up at 6:30am and drive an hour and a half to meet them, but it was worth it! I hope that they couldn’t tell that I was tired! I accidentally told them how excited I was for their May wedding (they are getting married in June), told a couple of weird and awkward stories and tripped every few steps. I am definitely not a morning person and it definitely came out during Michael and Chelsea’s session! Thanks guys for being understanding and not making fun of my sleepiness! :)

Michael and Chelsea are so amazing! I am so excited for their JUNE wedding next year! They are so amazing together, and we had so much fun together! The two of them met at Virginia Tech, and so they thought that the VT campus would be a perfect place to have their session! I have been to Blacksburg a few times, but never to Tech’s campus. It was beautiful! I hope that you enjoy my favorites below!

Love this one!!

I absolutely loved her pink coat!

Love it!

Definitely a favorite!