Scott + Lindsey | Engaged

Scott and Lindsey are getting married THIS Saturday! We did their engagement session about a week and a half ago, and it made me me so excited for their wedding! From my first phone call with Lindsey I knew that I would love being a part of this couple’s special day! I hung up the phone so excited to get to know her and to photograph her wedding! Lindsey went to Africa for two months, so we had to schedule our session after she came back, which only left us with a few weeks! Scott and Lindsey are so sweet! They are so much fun together and so perfect together! I am beyond excited for this Saturday! :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from their Hotel Roanoke and downtown Roanoke session!

Love the one on the left!

A definite favorite!

This is the perfect Fall picture!

I love downtown Roanoke!

Love this one!

The light was perfect!

Engaged: Christian + Tori

Christian and Tori are two of the sweetest people ever! We had a blast during their engagement session! They shared about how they met at a work conference, and spent most of their relationship long distance. Christian also shared about how he proposed to Tori on a dock and we were able to finish their session on a boat dock – it couldn’t have been more perfect! I am beyond excited for their wedding next month! (Yes, I know I am beyond on blogging, please don’t judge! I will catch up!) And I am so excited that they will be able to be married and be with each other all the time! No more long distance! :) Enjoy my favorites below!This green building was awesome!Love her laugh!Even though it looked like it was about to pour any second, they totally powered through! Look at those clouds!Ah, love this one!Even though it was overcast most of the time, at the very end, the sun peeked through, and made for an incredible sunset!Beautiful!

Jordan + Karen

I first meet Karen in 6th grade! My family had just moved to Virginia from California, and she was one of the first friends that I made there! We both went to different colleges, and hadn’t had regular contact for awhile, but right before she got engaged, Karen emailed me inquiring about photography for her wedding! I was so excited to be able to be able to reconnect and to be able to be there on one of the most important days of her life! Karen and Jordan are in Pittsburgh, so we didn’t have the opportunity to do an engagement session, but they were complete naturals in front of the camera! Even though we encountered a torrential downpour and tons of humidity, the day couldn’t have been more perfect! The location was gorgeous! I had to drive up the steepest road I have ever seen in my entire life to get to the venue, but let me tell you, it was worth it! You could see the mountains, and everything was beautiful! Karen and Jordan were meant to be together and it was obvious to everyone! Even though this was my first time seeing Jordan and Karen together, I knew that they were perfect for each other! I heard family and friends all day comment on how they were meant to be together, how great they were for each other and how they were the cutest couple ever. Clearly, this was a perfect match! Thanks so much for choosing me to be a part of your day! I loved being able to share this incredible day with you all! And a giant thanks to my amazing second shooter Lauren! This was a double wedding weekend, and she talked to me and kept me awake through all of our late night driving experiences! Enjoy my favorites below! And, because I loved this wedding so much, it will be another sample album soon, so be sure to look out for a post about that in a few weeks!

I told them to go for their GQ pose, this is what happened. Snazzy guys!This was the perfect place to shoot details! Great lighting and an awesome room! I know I have mentioned this before, but it is SO important to have a nice hanger to hang your dress on! It is something that its probably never thought about, but it makes a huge difference! You don’t want your gorgeous gown hanging on a 50 cent hanger! It is so nice to have something custom designed! It makes it extra special and makes for amazing images!  Gorgeous! You are beautiful, Karen!First Looks are the best! You aren’t able to have a private moment like this when you come down the isle! This is sometimes the only moment you have to the two of you have alone on the wedding day! Oh my gosh. So sweet. And yep, I cried.

I told you this was an amazing location!I LOVE this one!Ceremony site! Ah!Absolutely LOVE Jordan’s face! This is proof that the First Look doesn’t take away from the bride coming down the isle!Love!This cake was lemon with lemon buttercream icing. Amazing.
This was literally 60 seconds before a HUGE downpour, but it allowed for amazing images!
Venue: Chateau Selah, Blountville, TN
Bride’s Dress: Venus, purchased at Carlisle’s of Pittsburgh
Bridesmaids Dresses: Banana Republic
Cake: Angie Moore
Videographer: Carrie Cannaday
DJ: Billy Ezzell, Complete Music

Products: Albums!

This post is LONG overdue! When I first started out with my business, I offered a mid-level album. While it was a good company, and super simple to order from (that is why I liked them!) it wasn’t the quality or really the style that I liked. There were only a couple of cover options, and you couldn’t add a picture or any type of lettering! That was something that I really wanted to have! So I decided to switch to Leather Craftsman, and let me tell you, I LOVE them! Their albums are exactly what I was looking for! They are beautiful, there are a ton of options, and Leather Craftsman has amazing customer service! After switching companies though, I didn’t have any sample albums to show clients! I grew tired of having to explain how great Leather Craftsman was without having something to show! So, without further to do… here is a new sample album from Ciara + Joseph’s wedding! I am loving it so much, I think I am going to order a few more because they are so great!!!

They are lots of good reasons to order an album, but let me just share a few! I don’t believe that your wedding images should just stay on your computer screen! You need to do something tangible with them! And let me tell you, this is one of the best ways to show them off! You can have this on your coffee table, and every time a guest arrives, you can let them look through it! Its wonderful to have something beautiful and high quality that will last a long time! I think everyone should order an album, but of course I am a little biased!You can choose from about 30 different covers and select any picture you want to be in the middle! You can also have anything branded below! I love to put the name of the couple! 

Sneak Peek: Shawn + Addie