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Brandon + Alexandra | A Small Park Wedding

Let me just begin by telling you how EXCITED I am to blog this wedding!!! I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about the day, how amazing Brandon and Alexandra are together or special their ceremony was. With every wedding I shoot, I feel privileged to be there to witness such a special and wonderful moment. With this wedding though, I can’t even tell you how SPECIAL it was, or how EXCEPTIONALLY privileged I was to be there! It was incredible! It was just their families, so it was SO intimate and wonderful.

I began the day with Brandon. While this bowtie looks awesome, it is way harder to tie in real life than it looks like on TV! Thanks so much to the great youtube video that helped to accomplish the task!

Loved the suspenders! As soon as I saw these, I got incredibly EXCITED for bride and groom portraits! Maybe that sounds kinda weird, but I just started visualizing all these great images! 

Alexandra got ready at the AMAZING Craddock Terry Hotel in downtown Lynchburg. I have always wanted to go there, and it definitely lived up to my dreams! 

Ok, I just HAVE to take a little moment to plug Petal Flower Company who did the amazing florals! Elisha is AMAZING! I am serious, she is by far the most talented florist I have ever seen! You will NOT be disappointed! You NEED to hire her for your wedding! Also, that means I get to work with her more and take pictures of her insanely beautiful flowers (so this maybe a semi-selfish selfish motivation :) )  She also did my flowers when I got married, and everything was BETTER than I could of hoped for! Seriously, after you finish reading this post, go to her website!

Love how Alexandra embroidered her wedding date into her ribbon!

Love this!!! She was so excited to get married!!!

Alexandra, you are just so gorgeous!

Love this!

Brandon and Alexandra wanted to take a moment before the ceremony to be with each other and pray together, but Brandon didn’t want to see her, so this is what they did! I love how it turned out! 

Oh, so wonderful!

I love this one!

This has to be one of my all-time favorite recessionals ever! Their faces are priceless!

Ah, love it!
These are some of my favorite bride and groom portraits EVER! When we sat down to talk about their day, they asked me when the best time would be for the ceremony so that we would have PERFECT light for pictures! And yes, we ended up with AMAZING LIGHT!


See, suspenders? This is what I was thinking of at the beginning of the day!

This is my NEW FAVORITE! This is actually now a canvas in their new apartment too! :) 

This one is stunning!

Oh, LOVE this one!

Favorite #1544566333

I love this one too! (I am so sorry, everyone! I just have SO many that I adore!)

There was some sort of senior session going on right next to us! I tried really hard to make sure no one made it into the picture!


THANK YOU!!!!! Brandon and Alexandra for letting me be a part of your INCREDIBLE day!!!! I so hope that you are LOVING married life!!!!

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Every bride wants pictures of her mom helping her zip up her dress, while she is surrounded by her bridesmaids. While she puts her earrings in, shoes on and secures her garter in place, she wants to look stunning and get some beautiful images of theses moments so that she can remember them forever! If you are wondering what steps will help make these moments beautiful, here are just a few practical and simple steps in order to get the MOST out of your getting ready images!


Most photographers (myself included!) will take shots of the “details” at the same location that the bride is getting ready at. These details include shoes, flowers, jewelry, the dress, the rings, perfume, the invitation, and anything else that the bride wants to remember! So here is the first step:


This means that you have all three of the rings with you. Don’t worry, the best man will still be able to have yours before the ceremony starts! This may sound simple, but having everything in one little pile helps save so much time! That way your photographer doesn’t have to run around the room finding things, or asking you 5 different times if there is anything else that you want a picture of. If everything you want photographed is in one place, then you just have to point your photographer in the right direction, and let them go to work! I LOVE being able to photograph all of the details in the same place, so that way everything looks consistent! If you have the shoes on a pink chair at the hotel room, the jewelry on a brown trunk at the church and the bouquet on a teal dresser at the reception, everything will look haphazard! But if you have the chance to shoot everything on the little grey ottoman in the bedroom while the bride finishes up her makeup, everything will flow so well together! (It may be hard to visualize that, but trust me, its so true!)



Again, this may sound simple, but if this doesn’t happen, than it can be a disaster! Most photos of the bride, and the bride with her bridesmaids, will happen wherever they are getting ready at. If the flowers are not there, most of these photos will have to be taken WITHOUT bouquets! When I got married, flowers were super important to me, so I wanted to make sure that they were there for every picture opportunity! I wanted as many of my beautiful bouquet that I could have! While its not impossible to take shots of the bride or the bridesmaids without their bouquets, having them there helps everything to come together! All of your pictures will look more like a “finished product.” Bouquets add a “wedding type” feel to everything and help to pull everything together!



Like I said before, all of these things may sound simple, but they can have a HUGE effect on everything! And lighting by FAR is the MOST important thing to consider! Good lighting trumps a cool location every time! If you are thinking about getting ready in a room with two huge windows but the wall is white, and then down the hall there is a beautiful purple room (and purple happens to be one of your wedding colors!) but there are no windows in the room — then white room should definitely win the getting ready room contest! If the room you are getting ready in has beautiful light, it will make you look even more spectacular! Plus that is a great spot to grab a few bridal portraits too!



If your photographer is grabbing shots of you curling your hair or putting your makeup on, then obviously you need those things out and ready! But once you are finished (before your dress goes on!) try to clean up the room! If you are putting on your gorgeous Vera Wang dress and there are lots of bags full of hairspray, makeup, and clothes in the background, it will take away from those images! Of course on your wedding day, you don’t want to be running around trying to tidy up everything, but perhaps you can delegate it to one of your lovely bridesmaids! Trust me, having a few messy bags in the background can really take away from an image!



When you are getting into your dress, if you are surrounded by all of your best friends in their super cute peach colored dresses (that you spent hours picking out!), you will have an amazing picture! But if you are putting on an elegant gown, and all of your bridesmaids are in shorts and tee shirts, it won’t quite turn out as well or have the same effect. Again, this way everything looks more put together — and dare I say it — picture perfect. :)


And of course because every blog post needs pictures, here are a few of my favorite getting ready and details shots!

These next few are from Alexandra + Brandon’s wedding which will be on the blog TOMORROW! 

Izzy + Rebekah | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I was so thrilled that Izzy and Rebekah asked me to be a part of their day! Even though it was 100 degrees, they were willing to do whatever to get some great images! I was so thankful! I absolutely loved their venue, their entire family and the bridal party was AMAZING! I was so blessed that they were willing to bring me from Virginia to do their wedding in North Carolina. I love it when I get the opportunity to travel to a wedding and this time was super special, because my family attended too! At first I was a little nervous for them to see me “in action,” but in the end it was great to see them, and my brother, Jeremy, got to be my second shooter! Thanks, Jeremy for all of your hard work! :)

Thank you Izzy and Rebekah for choosing me to be your photographer! I had a fantastic time with you celebrating your day! Congrats to you both and I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites below! :)

So excited to be married! I love her face! :)

I absolutely love it when I get the chance to photograph the dad seeing his daughter for the first time. It is always so full of emotion! And this time was no exception! :)

You are so gorgeous, Rebekah!

A HUGE thanks to my brother for capturing ALL the shots of the guys! He did great! 

She looks stunning! :)

MARRIED! They are SO excited! I love it!

Their bridal party was amazing!I love all of these!

I was SO thrilled with all of these images! Even though it was 100 degrees and humid, and we were sweating, they were up for doing anything! I LOVED it! They kept saying “we only get married once!” Which is so true! I absolutely LOVE it when couples are willing to do anything for great shots! 

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it!This is a new favorite!

Love this one too! 



Chelsey | Bridals

Yesterday I blogged Chelsey + Sean’s beautiful wedding! About a month before their wedding day, I had the opportunity to do a bridal session with Chelsey! I LOVE doing bridal sessions! You only have one day and one chance to wear your dress, but when you decide to do a bridal session, it gives you another chance to wear your dress! Also, on the wedding day, you don’t have time to do a one hour session just of you, but you get that when you do a bridal session! Again, I always think that you can NEVER have too many pictures, so why wouldn’t you want another chance to look beautiful? :) Well, when I did Chelsey’s session, she looked gorgeous! Just check out my favs below! :)

I absolutely LOVE these! 

Chelsey + Sean | Virginia Wedding Photographer

It was such a priviliage to be able to be a part of Chelsey and Sean’s day! If you didn’t get a chance to see their downtown engagement session, you can check it out here! This day was definitely a scorcher. It was 105 degrees plus humidity, so it felt even hotter. However, Chelsey and Sean didn’t mind at all.  They didn’t care if the flowers came late, the decorations fell down or anything else. They were just so excited and ready to be married to each other at the end of the day. It is obvious that they are 100% meant for each other! Every look and touch showed just how much they are in love! I was so blessed to be able to be there and to be a part of that! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!You were stunning, Chelsey!First looks are incredible!!! I love the intimate moment and the extra time you have because of it! Thanks to my second shooter, Lauren, for capturing the image on the left!
Billie’s Cakes and Catering made this amazing cake! She was the same lady who made the cake for my wedding! I have NEVER tasted a better cake in my life. This arrangement was so gorgeous!Chelsey and Sean let me take them outside for a few minutes during the reception to get a few more shots of the two of them! Thank you so much for letting me do that! You can never have to many portraits of the two of you on your wedding day! I just loved the lighting and everything that we were able to capture! I absolutely loved the first dance! And I loved the fact that it was outside too!Congrats Chelsey and Sean!!! I hope that you are adjusting to your new life in WV!


Venue: Midway Baptist Church

Dress: Church Street Bridal, Pronovias

Cake: Billie’s Cakes and Catering

Florals: Judeth Hedgpeth

Bridesmaids Dresses: The Bride’s House

Hair: Bridget Crump, Arte Dei Capelli

Scott + Kaitlin | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

I was so blessed to be able to be a part of Scott and Kaitlin’s day! They are such an incredible couple who were surrounded by some of the most supportive and loving friends and family I have ever seen! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous!

I LOVE first looks! You don’t get an intimate moment like this when you are coming down the isle!


First looks don’t take anything away from the ceremony! Scott’s face is proof of that! I love the emotion in these images!

Husband and wife!

As a surprise, Scott and Kaitlin had their wedding cake made to look exactly like Kaitlin’s mom and dad’s! Her mom had no idea — this was her reaction! What a sweet surprise! 

Sneak Peek: Brandon + Alexandra