Spring is here!

I LOVE warm weather! I am originally from SoCal, so I NEED warm weather! I can’t do winter for very long, so when spring arrives, I am so excited! Well… spring is here! If you haven’t noticed in the past week or two, all the trees have flowers and leaves! Its even hit the 80′s a couple of times! Ah yes. Warm weather. I love warm weather for so many reasons. First off, people don’t like doing sessions in the freezing cold, so that means more sessions with more amazing clients! :) Secondly, there are so many great and fun summery/springy things that happen when its warm! Carnivals, ice cream places, baseball games. And I love sitting outside on a warm summer night chatting with friends. Seriously, I love warm weather so much. Of course, everyone knows that more weddings happen in the spring and summer, so naturally I love that too :) I am SO excited for this upcoming wedding season! I have the BEST brides and I can’t wait to work with them! This summer is going to be the best! Anyway, here are a few shots of a flowery tree right outside my apartment that I shot with my new 35mm 1.4 :)

Lauren + Erin | Mentoring Session

Erin is one of the sweetest girls ever! She contacted me about doing a mentoring session a couple of weeks ago, and this is was the perfect time right before the busy summer season! I LOVE being able to do mentoring sessions and teach others what I have learned! Erin was so excited to learn and had lots of great questions! Also, my friend Lauren, who is a great photographer, was so generous with her time to help us out! Thanks Lauren! :)


A cold day + hot chocolate

I love hot chocolate! Now you are probably thinking, “that’s great! I love hot chocolate too!” But I don’t think you understand. I LOVE hot chocolate. Granted, today is a cold day, so I decided to have some, but I drink hot chocolate year round. Even if its July and 90 degrees, I still love hot chocolate. Yes, now I think you are getting the picture. I doesn’t have to be cold for me to have hot chocolate. I love it always. :)

Janae + Katie | Mentoring Session

Obviously I LOVE photography! I mean that should be a given! But really, I absolutely LOVE my job! I am so thankful for all of my clients and all of the opportunities that I have been given! However, besides the incredible amazing weddings and engagement session that I get to shoot, there is one other aspect of photography, that I love as well! That is teaching and showing others things that I have learned! I recently decided to start offering mentoring sessions! When I was trying to figure out my business, how to shoot on manual, how to pose my clients, understand lighting and all of the other things that come along with starting a photography business, I was basically on my own. There are so many resources out there and other photographers who I could ask for help, but I didn’t have a specific person who came along side of me or anyone offered to help me out! So I have a passion to be able to do that for others, to help them out and teach them things I had to learn on my own! So I decided to start offering mentoring session so that I could teach people the things I have learned along the way!

Here are few shots below from a mentoring session I gave this weekend! My sister Janae was kind enough to be our model! I had the chance to meet with Katie Gibson who was so sweet and was so willing to learn and had so many great questions! Thank you Katie for letting me show you some things I have learned!