Engaged: Hillary + Jon | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Hillary and Jon are an AMAZING couple! I respect them so much, and so I am thrilled that I get to shoot their wedding this May! They were so comfortable and photogenic in front of the camera, they were great models! I had a wonderful time with them, enjoy my favorites! Jon proposed at Starbucks, so Starbucks coffee was perfect for their session!The theme for their wedding is “I have a crush on you!” Too cute!Absolutely LOVE the lighting in this picture!!!

Sneak Peek: Drew + Janae

Engaged: Sarah Ann + Gerrit | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Sarah Ann and Gerrit are the perfect compliment for each other! They love each other no matter what and it clearly shows in their pictures! I met Sarah Ann in July, so it was great being able to meet Gerrit and to see the two of them together! The first spot we went to during their session, was the spot where Gerrit proposed! I love it when couples make their session unique to them and pick places that are special to their relationship! I am so excited for their May wedding! They are going to be a great married couple! Enjoy some of my favorites below!

They reenacted the proposal at the spot where Gerrit proposed! Gorgeous! You are going to be a beautiful bride, Sarah Ann!Favorite!So cute!!!_

Engaged: Ciara + Joseph | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer

This was one of my favorite engagement sessions that I have shot! Yes, I know I say that every time, but I really do mean it! I would describe Ciara and Joseph as gentle souls. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met! I felt like this session was just a hang out with good friends, and yet this was my first time meeting them! They are also great models and complete naturals in front of the camera! It was like they had been models for years! We went to two spots during this session: the first, where Joseph proposed and the second, Joseph and Ciara’s first date! Too cute! It was a suuupppper cold day, but they rocked it and you can’t even tell that they were shivering or going numb! Awesome job guys! I loved our time together and cannot wait until your barn wedding in June!!! Enjoy my favorites!

At this point Ciara made the comment that her lips were so cold she couldn’t even tell that she was kissing Joseph! I told you it was cold!!! But way to rock it guys! You can’t even tell!Beautiful! You are going to be a gorgeous bride, Ciara!!!!Favorite!!! Canvas???Coffee was their first date, so they brought some mugs! How cute is that? P.S. Look at this awesome wall!!!This is the coffee shop where they had their first date! Totally felt like a stalker bringing my mark ii into the coffee shop! Everyone was sitting there doing homework and I was just snapping away!

Engaged: Sarah + Bryan | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

Sarah and Bryan are an amazing couple! The biggest thing I noticed about them was how he took such tender care of her! We went to a great field, (but found that there were some spiders! aaahh!) and Sarah is not a spider person (and neither am I!!!), but  Bryan carefully killed all of the spiders for her! We also ran into some sort of plant that left little burrs all over us, and Bryan helped Sarah to pick them all off! They are going to be an awesome married couple! I can just see him doing the dishes for her when she is sick! I hope I captured some of the love through these images! Enjoy my favorites!Ummm…. can we all please just agree that Bryan did awesome??? Look at that ring!!!Absolutely gorgeous, Sarah!!!!This needs to be a canvas!!!!Love the lighting in these next few!!!We were about to leave, and then spotted this beautiful tree! We had to use it!

Sneak Peek: Jon + Hillary

Just Because: Jared + Lauren | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

Jared and Lauren are good friends of mine so I loved being able to do this session! They are such a photogenic couple, I had such a hard time narrowing down the images for this post, there were so many that I LOVED! Enjoy some of my favorites!