Sneak Peek: Sarah Ann + Gerrit

Sneak Peek: Ciara + Joseph

Sneak Peek: Sarah + Bryan

Sneak Peek: Jared + Lauren

Engaged: Matt + Jordan | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

This has been one of my favorite engagement sessions for a number of reasons. 1. I shot this with my new 5d mark ii!!! 2. Matt and Jordan were completely on board for letting me try all my ideas, love it! We drove to all these random spots I had seen on the side of the road, and they were completely ok with it! 3. They are a super cute and photogenic couple. I could have shot them all day! We all had a great time, enjoy my favs! (Yes, I know I end every intro with that, but its true. These are my favorites and I want you to enjoy them!)

All time new favorite!!!

Look at this spot! Awesome right?

See what I mean about being cute and photogenic?


We had gorgeous lighting! Yeesss!

Engaged: Chelsea + Brandon | Richmond Wedding Photographer

Chelsea and Brandon are good friends of mine, and I am looking forward to their April wedding! They are a terrific couple and perfect for each other! Enjoy some of my favorites! Favorite #1.

This is the spot where Brandon proposed!!!

Favorite #2.

Chelsea, you are going to be a beautiful bride! I cannot wait for April!

Day After: Jeremy + Lindsey | South Carolina Portrait Photographer

Jeremy and Lindsey are special to me, because Jeremy is my brother! You may remember their engagement session, if not you can view it here! They just got married in June and wanted to be able to have a few more pictures of the two of them! I shoot these last time I was home in SC, and we all had busy weekends, so they only time we had available was Sunday morning at 7am! Yikes! I am not a morning person! It was super foggy that morning too, but we made it work! Enjoy my favorites!

Sneak Peek: Jordan + Matt

Engaged: Becky + Aaron | Roanoke Portrait Photographer

This was my first time meeting Aaron, but I have known Becky for awhile. She was on my hall my last year as an RA. I remember when she got engaged – getting her text, seeing her ring when she came into my room and hearing the story of how Aaron asked her to be his wife! I knew that they deeply loved each other, but I was thrilled to do this session and be able to actually see it with my own eyes! And let me tell you, it is so obvious that they love each other!!! In all the touches, looks and giggles, it was completely obvious that they are soul mates and cannot wait to get married in December! I am SO excited for them! Enjoy my favorites below!


Favorite #1.


Favorite #2

Announcing…. the workshop!!!


Some of the topics we will be covering:

- How to shoot with your camera on that oh-so-scary “M” (That is manual mode :) )

- How to price your packages. What you should include and how to not rob yourself.

- How to have a professional website without spending $1000′s.

- Workflow. How to not get overwhelmed with the 2,000+ images you shot at your last wedding.

- Q + A’s

- A full portrait session with a couple. You will have to chance to interact with the couple and learn hands on about posing, directing, lighting and location.

Doesn’t this sound AWESOME?!/

Ok, so I know you want to come now! Just sign up through the contact section!