Thank you so much to EVERYONE who participated in the giveaway and for all of the comments and encouragement about my new brand! You all are the best!

I am so excited to announce the giveaway winners below! I used Rafflecopter and to pick the winners! :)

1. $25 gift card to Target – Chelsea Bock

2. $50 gift card to Etsy – Janine Enold

3. 8×10 print from Oh My Deer Handmade – Emily Hunter

4. Session with Jessica Mae – Camyrn Stahlman-Dwyer

And as a little bonus, the following people get 25% off of a session with me!

Kaitlyn Johnson and Tiffany McClure


And a here is a little sneak peek of what is coming to the blog tomorrow!!!! Jason and Amanda’s wedding in ARUBA!


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I am so excited for today! This brand is something that I have been dreaming about for the last two years, and I am so excited that it finally has come to fruition! It is so wonderful to see something you have been dreaming about actually out there instead of just in your head! I have to give a huge shout to Chelsea Petaja (from Oh My Deer Handmades) for the amazing logo, she is awesome!

One of the big changes I wanted to make with this new brand is that I want to do portraits again. At one point I decided to cut back and only shoot weddings and engagements, but I miss shooting other things! I want to shoot more than just weddings! So if you are someone who has wanted a portrait session with me in the past, this is your chance! :)

One of my other dreams, is to travel more! I have been blessed to have traveled to some awesome places, and have some great places on the books for 2015, but there are more places I want to go! I have complied a dream list on my website. If your wedding or portrait session is in one of these places, than I want to talk to you! I have a special offer for you!

I am also doing a little giveaway today! So check below with how to enter! I am giving away 1. one 8×10 print from Chelsea at Oh My Deer Handmades 2. A session with me! 3. A gift card to Etsy  4. A gift card to Target

Enter the giveaway below!!!

Jessica Mae Giveaway!



south_carolina_fall_wedding001 south_carolina_fall_wedding002 south_carolina_fall_wedding004 south_carolina_fall_wedding005 south_carolina_fall_wedding006 south_carolina_fall_wedding007 south_carolina_fall_wedding008 south_carolina_fall_wedding009 south_carolina_fall_wedding011 south_carolina_fall_wedding012 south_carolina_fall_wedding013 south_carolina_fall_wedding014 south_carolina_fall_wedding015 south_carolina_fall_wedding016 south_carolina_fall_wedding017 south_carolina_fall_wedding018 south_carolina_fall_wedding019 south_carolina_fall_wedding020south_carolina_fall_wedding002south_carolina_fall_wedding023south_carolina_fall_wedding001 south_carolina_fall_wedding026 south_carolina_fall_wedding028 south_carolina_fall_wedding029 south_carolina_fall_wedding030

Thanks to my awesome 2nd shooter, Kelsey, for shooting the guys!

south_carolina_fall_wedding032 south_carolina_fall_wedding033 south_carolina_fall_wedding034 south_carolina_fall_wedding035 south_carolina_fall_wedding036 south_carolina_fall_wedding037 south_carolina_fall_wedding038 south_carolina_fall_wedding040 south_carolina_fall_wedding041 south_carolina_fall_wedding043 south_carolina_fall_wedding044 south_carolina_fall_wedding045 south_carolina_fall_wedding046 south_carolina_fall_wedding048 south_carolina_fall_wedding049south_carolina_fall_wedding051south_carolina_fall_wedding052south_carolina_fall_wedding055south_carolina_fall_wedding050 south_carolina_fall_wedding058 south_carolina_fall_wedding060 south_carolina_fall_wedding061 south_carolina_fall_wedding062 south_carolina_fall_wedding063 south_carolina_fall_wedding064 south_carolina_fall_wedding065 south_carolina_fall_wedding066 south_carolina_fall_wedding067 south_carolina_fall_wedding068 south_carolina_fall_wedding069 south_carolina_fall_wedding070 south_carolina_fall_wedding071 south_carolina_fall_wedding072 south_carolina_fall_wedding073 south_carolina_fall_wedding074south_carolina_fall_wedding076south_carolina_fall_wedding077south_carolina_fall_wedding078south_carolina_fall_wedding075



Venue: The Farm at Ridgeway, Ridgeway, SC

Flowers: Dawn Koger

Cake: Tracy Finley

Dress: David’s Bridal

Videography: Leah Thomas


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  • Great story and very beautiful photos! My favorite photos are the ones with the wedding party and the first look. I love the image quality and the colors. Great work, Jessica!ReplyCancel